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Toronto Jam 2018 Application

Why are you asking these questions?

Because of the small scale and personal nature of the Jam, this questionnaire is more in-depth than most. We want to get to know you because the people in the room are the focus of the Jam. Sharing our stories, experiences, ideas, etc., in different ways, is how we engage and learn together. Don’t worry too much about grammar, spelling, and making full sentences. Our goal is to get a sense of who you feel you are, not to test you.

How much should I write?

The more the team learns about you, the more informed their decision about selection can be. At the same time, please share only as much as you feel comfortable sharing.  There is no minimum or maximum length for responses. We will follow up with you if we need more information.

Who has access to my info?

Only the leadership team will have access to your application. All of your answers, including your name and basic info, will be kept in full confidentiality.

Note: We encourage you to cut-and-paste your answers to this application into a word doc, BEFORE you hit the submit button, as we occasionally experience some technical difficulties with this form.  Once you have received confirmation from us that we received your application, then you can go ahead and delete the word doc. Thank you!


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Who You Are

1. What are your questions right now? What’s alive for you? What are your current places of challenge, growth, and excitement for you? In your community? Your work life? Personally? In the GTA?

2. Why do you want to attend the Jam (as opposed to a conference, workshop, meditation retreat, etc.)? How are its principles valuable for you at this point in your life/work journey?

3. What do you hope to offer to the Jam? What do you hope to receive from the Jam?

4. How do you identify? (could include race, gender identity, ethnic background, sexual orientation, class, ability, and/or anything that you feel makes you who you are.)

5. There will be a rich variety of beliefs and life experiences among those who come to the Jam, and a significant part of our time together will involve listening and learning across our diverse experiences and perspectives. What works for you in connecting with people who are different from you? Where do you struggle with these connections? What supports you in making meaningful connections?

6. What needs would you like to share around making the Jam feel welcoming and accessible for you?

7. Any concerns, doubts or fears about coming to the Jam? Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?:

8. Please give us a mini-bio written in the third person (e.g., using “he", "she” or “they” instead of “I”). One paragraph will do. Talk yourself up! Include contributions you’ve made, accomplishments that are important to you, organizations you’ve been involved with, etc. This bio will be shared with other participants leading up to the Jam. (You can always change it later.)

Costs of Attending

We never want money to be a barrier in participating in a Jam, so we will do everything we can to make it work for you to attend. People who are applying by the priority deadline will be given first consideration for the limited number of partial scholarships we have.

The cost of the Jam is a sliding scale of $200 to $600. The approximate cost of lodging and food is $300 per person, therefore we ask participants who are able to do so to consider this as a minimum contribution in order to ensure we cover our hard costs. Contributions up to $600 help pay for materials, childcare, travel costs and stipends for organizers and facilitators.

Some partial scholarships are available by request, and based on need. Payment plans (e.g. making a monthly payment over the year) can be arranged as well. Additional donations are welcome and help us provide scholarships and ensure that the group is as diverse as possible.

Are you or your organization in a position to pay the full cost of tuition ($600)? If not, how much are you able to contribute?

We invite work trades as well. Are there other non-monetary ways in which you can contribute to the Jam? Any particular skills or in-kind contributions? For example: organizing carpools, fundraising, organizing food donations, jam documentation (taking photos at the jam, making a post-jam video or writing a blog), graphic design, social media or web skills; cooking support for the next Toronto Jam, etc. We will do our best to distribute work trades.

Participants are responsible for travel to the retreat center, though we can help arrange carpools. If you are accepted, we will follow up with you about diet, housing, travel plans, as well as childcare arrangements, if needed, etc. We'll do our best to meet your needs, in getting to and enjoying the Jam itself.

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out this application! We’ll be in touch as soon as we can. In turn, should you have ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS please do not hesitate to get in touch. This is a living document and we welcome your feedback!


Note: We encourage you to cut-and-paste your answers to this application into a word doc, BEFORE you hit the submit button, as we are occasionally experiencing some technical difficulties with this contact form.  Once you have received confirmation from us that we received your application, then you can go ahead and delete the word doc. Thank you!