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Thank you deeply for your gifts and for all that you do to help build a thriving, just and regenerative world.

YES! gladly accepts your support through online monetary donations.  Checks are preferable (made out to YES! — and mailed to 3240 King St, Berkeley CA 94703 USA), as PayPal does not cover all credit card processing fees when you donate online here.  However, we work with whatever works best for you!

Most of our constituents are young leaders from economically struggling communities, and more than 75% of the change-makers we’re working with come from communities of color.  All of our constituents are selected, out of often dozens of applications, for their leadership, commitment, and skill as catalysts for positive change in our troubled yet precious world.

YES! provides partial tuition scholarships to over 90% our selected participants, and occasionally partial travel scholarships for some of our Jams. Here are some tangible examples of what your support makes possible:

$25,000 funds a regional Jam, like the Middle East Youth Leadership Jam.

$10,000 enables a sector-based Jam to happen in the U.S., like the Arts and Social Change Jam.

$5000 supports a weeklong Jam internationally, like the Egypt Youth Leadership Jam.

$2500 provides an honorarium for a highly experienced facilitator to nurture a new Jam team.

$1000 covers a full scholarship for a North America Leadership Jam participant in the U.S.

$500 builds dynamic online platforms for cross-pollinating projects among Jam alumni.

$250 facilitates a daylong Jam or Jam-like workshop with a local institution.

$100 feeds healthy, nutritious food to one Jam participant for a week.

$25 gets a new facilitation manual into the hands of one of our network partners.

You are also welcome to direct your donations to specific Jams, if there are particular regions or themes that are especially dear to your heart.  Just let us know, and the entirety of your donation will go to support that program.

We deeply appreciate multi-year and/or multi-month pledges, as they help us plan better and carry forward our work with clarity and stability.

If you’d like to have a better sense of our income and expenses, here is the working budget for 2017-18 programs.  Approximately 77% of our budget goes directly to our programs.  For more information about our financials, please contact us at info@yesworld.org.  Thank you!

Please click below on the ‘donate’ button to give online via credit card, or you can also donate by sending a check made payable to YES! — 3240 King St, Berkeley CA 94703 USA.

Thank you!

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Please select from any of the following links to find out more about how you can support YES!

YES! Funding Proposal 2017 –  You can help share our story and the work of YES! with people or foundations you may know.  Contact us if you need more information.

Frequent Flier Miles Donating your unused frequent flier miles allows us to provide travel scholarships for Jam participants who may not otherwise be able to attend a Jam. Contact us to transfer miles.

Stock Donations A charitable gift of stock provides donors the benefit of tax savings while generously supporting YES!

Planned Giving Cash donations are only one form of support you can provide to YES! In addition, you can support us now and in the future through a number of planned giving options.

Shop for YES! We encourage people to live more sustainably and to gift one another with time and love, but in the case you are needing to purchase material goods, please support YES! by shopping at these select online retailers or through their programs (they will donate a percentage of their profits to us).

Our Wish List Services, skills, and other in-kind donation possibilities.