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Middle East Youth Leadership Jam 2014 – Application

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis, but the sooner you apply, the better your chances of being accepted. We are taking applications until September 15, 2014. If you are receiving this application after that date, please check with us to make sure space is still available before you apply.

Also, note: The earlier you apply, the greater the likelihood of getting accepted and of getting a scholarship, if needed. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our participant liaison, Alia Lahlou, will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Important Note: Given the sensitive nature of work in the region, your application is completely confidential, and your participation, should you be accepted, will also be confidential, only unless and until you tell us you are comfortable with being public about your involvement in the Jam.

Due to the small and personal nature of the event, this questionnaire is longer and more in-depth than most, because we want to get to know you better. Please share as much as you feel comfortable sharing. There is no min/max length for responses and no pressure. We only ask you to share what you feel is 'enough'. We will follow up with more questions or a phone call if we need more information.

Your Name (required)

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Your Birthday and Age (required)

Your Ethnicity/Religion

Your Languages and Level of Proficiency - Spoken/Written (required)

How Did You Hear About the Jam? (required)

1. What is your work in the world? How is your work contributing to making a better, more balanced, healthy and harmonious world? (required)

2. What challenges have you faced in your organization/project/activism? What do you feel you have achieved? Why do you do this work? What does it mean to you? (required)

3. Where are you now in your personal journey? What questions are you living or struggling with? What are your passions and the directions in which you are currently growing or seeking to grow? (required)

4. What does the Middle East mean to you? How do you define your identity in the region? How do you see your self, life and work connected to the Middle East? (required)

5. A significant part of the Jam is bridge-building. What have been your experiences with bridge-building in your life and work so far? Are you comfortable with (or willing to challenge yourself to be comfortable with) sitting with the diversity of people that we are intending to gather here? We expect that there will be people of different nationalities, different religions, and from different countries present at the Jam. Do you have any fears or concerns about bridge-building? (required)

6. What do you hope to receive from the Jam? Why do you want to come and be a part of this gathering? (required)

7. Do you have any fears, concerns, questions or doubts about the Middle East Jam?

8. Anything else you want to share about yourself?

9. Please give us a mini-biography of yourself, written in the third person. (For example, “Shireen works on conflict resolution. She is deeply committed to seeing transformation in her community. She lives in... “) This will not be publicized in any way without your consent. By submitting it here, you are agreeing that if you are selected for the Jam, it will be shared with the other selected participants, just prior to the Jam, as a pre-introduction. (required)


1. Do you have any special food needs or health challenges that we should be aware of? (required)

While the actual expenses of the Jam (lodging, board, transportation within Jordan, and program expenses) reach $1500 USD per participant, we ask that you aim to contribute a minimum of $400 as participation fees. We receive a large number of applications every year, and we give some preference to those who are able to motivate themselves and their communities to raise funds to support their participation in the Jam. However, a limited number of scholarships for participation or travel from your home countries are available, and our hope is that money will not be a barrier to anyone’s participation.

Please provide honest estimates to the following questions:

2. How much might you or your organization be able to contribute to the Jam tuition? (This includes what you might be able to fundraise from family, friends, and/or your community. The Jam team is available to assist you in fundraising efforts.) (required)

3. How much are your travel costs to come to Amman? (Please take some time to research the best travel options and let us know what they cost). (required)

4. How much can you or your organization contribute to your travel expenses? (required)

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this LONG application! It will enable us to find the right mix of people. We know the questions are not very easy to answer, and yet you took the time and space to do it. Thank you. We appreciate you sharing so much of yourself and will get back to you as soon as possible.