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  • coverimageDeveloped over 24 years of experiences with YES! camps and Jams, “Connecting, Inspiring, & Collaborating With Changemakers” is full of over 200 practices, tools, games and resources to support changemakers at all levels to bring forth thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all.  It also has an extensive organizing compendium.
  • View the entire book in Google Drive for free!  We would love to receive your feedback on the activities you use. Or, if you prefer, write to info.yesworld@gmail.com for a PDF (available for a suggested donation of $17 – check out a sneak peek here) or a hard copy (available for a suggested donation of $25).


  • The 2010 edition of Connect, Inspire, Collaborate!, YES! Jam Activities Facilitation Manual contains 130 activities focused on co-learning, community building, and healing. (pdf)
  • No Way Out: Many Ways Forward is compilation of stories, poems and art from Jam alumni around the world. Edited and produced by members of the Global Collaborative in 2010. (pdf)
  • Green Schools Energy Project Manual by Gwen Quigley. and the YES staff, is a simple, step-by-step guide to help students perform energy “audits” on their schools and then successfully lobby for implementation of positive changes. (pdf)
  • Inspiring Quotes is a collection of useful quotes to stir the imagination, inspire the soul, and catalyze action (Download Inspiring Quotes as a word doc).



25 Jams to Transform Our Lives and Our World

Films and Videos

You can find a number of short videos on YES!’s YouTube Channel that feature special moments at the Jams.


The Jam Is On (2016-17)

Cooking up a Jam (2015-16)

Welcome to the JAM (2015) (25th anniversary creation)

Spreading the Jam (2014-15)

Visioning and Practicing the World We Want (2013-14)


Nurturing the Beloved Community – a year in motion (2012-13)


World Jam (2012)


India Youth Leadership Jam 2012

Produced by Srishti Lakhera


What Does Change Look Like? (2011)


Anatolia Youth Leadership Jam 2011

Produced by Filiz Telek


Global Collaborative World Youth Leadership Jam 2011

Produced by Yuka Saionji


A Taste of YES! Jams (2010)

Helping Visionary Leaders Build a Better World (2006)


Helping Outstanding Young Leaders Build a Better World (2004)

Other Video Links



  • When Hope Takes a Stand: Download the audio version of a 35-minute presentation given by Ocean Robbins, YES!’s founder, at the Institute Of Noetic Sciences’ ChildSpirit conference in 2004. This is one of many presentations from “Luminaries” that can be found at www.shiftinaction.com.

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