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Student Activism

Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO)

AERO is an organization founded in 1989 to support a learner-centered approach to education and since its founding has become the leading voice in the world of educational alternatives. AERO maintains a website which is named after their quarterly magazine which provides links and resources for non-traditional education.


Brower Youth Award

Are you a young person aged 13-22 working for the Earth? Has your effort been in the realm of conservation, preservation, or restoration? Could you use the publicity and funds from an award to further your work and support your group? If so, apply today for a Brower Youth Award! Each year, this annual national award recognizes six young people for their outstanding activism and achievements in the fields of environmental and social justice advocacy. The winners of the award receive a $3,000 cash prize, a trip to California for the award ceremony and wilderness camping trip, and ongoing access to resources and opportunities to further their work at Earth Island Institute and develop leadership skills.


The Collage Foundation

The Collage Foundation stimulates awareness through pop culture and media to inspire youth to take action. The Collage web site features news, articles and resources to help people make a difference in the world.


Earth Voice Food Choice

Earth Voice Food Choice is designed to inspire people to eat more whole, organically grown plant foods and fewer chemically processed animal and junk foods – and to get healthier food in schools and other institutions. This powerful manual contains over 350 documented facts, history of the USDA, proven field tested strategies for implementing the project, kitchen preparation and information for food personnel, institutional size recipes that fit within the USDA’s requirements, recipes for home use, handouts for students and parents and everything else you will need to implement a successful Healthy School Lunch project.


EAOP at Antioch University, New England

The Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program is a unique master’s program that trains public interest advocates and grassroots organizers working on issues such as climate protection, ecological sustainability, social justice, and the democratic control of corporations.


The HORIZON Solutions Site

presents readily accessible peer-reviewed answers to problems in environment, health, population and development. People profit not only from the knowledge presented in the case studies which provides guidance for replication of the successful initiatives, but also from reading about the inspiration, courage, and dedication which brought these solutions into being. Submissions for possible inclusion are invited. The Site is a collaborative effort of HORIZON with several United Nations entities, UNDP, UNEP, UNFPA, Unicef, the International Development Research Centre, Yale University and HORIZON’s colleagues at Harvard University.



A great online resource for jobs that make the world a better place.


National Wildlife Federation – Campus Ecology

This site is awesome! It contain everything from issues to tools for action and products.



ruMAD? (Are You Making a Difference?)is a values-focused, student-led, and inquiry-based curriculum framework that encourages students to make a difference. Through ruMAD?, students are immersed in a unique program of social change and innovative learning where activities and projects are based upon student-identified values and interests. This motivates them to enact change within their school and community.


Sierra Student Coalition

The student arm of the Sierra Club. With so many chapters nationwide, there’s probably one near you.


Student Activism

This site offers resources to support and connect student activists working (primarily) on college campuses


Student Environmental Action Coalition

This website is really fun and goodhearted. A great student run environmentally concerned organization.



A youth blog aimed at raising awareness about contemporary social justice issues.


Youth Action on the Issues

MTV’s youth action site, with resources, videos, and action ideas on tons of issues important to young people. And it’s all interactive, so you can help shape the site, post content, etc.