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Action For Nature

Want to know what young people around the world are doing for the environment? Want to share your own success stories? Have environmental action questions for other young people? Check out and participate in this web site.



An informative site that talks about the damage that catalog and book printing does to our forests and what can be done to curb the harm.


Cell Phone Recycling

This program helps the environment by providing a safe way to dispose of unwanted electronic devices. There is also an incentive to receive a gift card with each donation.



This site guides you through a simple quiz to calculate your ecological resource consumption level (or “footprint”).


EarthSave International

EarthSave Canada is a nonprofit, educational organization promoting awareness of the health, environmental and ethical consequences of our food choices.


Environmental Science Degrees

Find a list of formal education opportunities to acquire a degree in environmental science.


The Earthtimes

An Environmental Newspaper. It is very current and informative. A great place to find resources, this site primarily contains articles on many international issues.


Eco-Friendly Shopping Ideas

Many ideas for reducing waste and being more earth-friendly in your purchases.



Wow. This site has always been a helpful resource. Its so informative and attracts a lot of people. It has everything from animal rights consciousness to consumer information. Includes a list of Environmental Organizations around the world with links directly to them including many youth run organizations.



Advocates for environmental science education and employment; for environmentalists by environmentalists.


Going Green In Your Home

This site has many tips and guides for transforming your home into a more eco-friendly space, in areas like lighting, flooring, heating & cooling, water conservation, appliances, recycling, composting and energy. Thank you to the Girl Scouts troop in Kentucky who shared it with us!


Getting Clean By Going Green

A great site that shows the many simple things you can do to get more environmentally-friendly in your home and life — everything from changing your cleaning supplies to how you do your laundry. It also has several resources for children to get involved.


The Green Collar Economy By Van Jones, Founder & President of Green For All

This is the only existing book that makes the case for an inclusive, green economy – boasting equal protection and equal opportunity for all. Read it and learn how we can move the country toward a fully clean and renewable energy system – one strong enough to fight pollution and poverty, at the same time.



Green Degrees

Learn  more about educational opportunities in the formal sector related to environmental change.



Guide to Glass Recycling for Kids

Educational information on the ins and outs of glass recycling.



I Buy Different

Campaign to educate young people about the connections between consumer choices and environmental and social issues, with resources include a Smart Consumers Toolkit for activists in school or with youth groups, and a Community Action Guide that offers activity ideas and step-by-step advice. Also, check out the hip hop section to play and download raps, spoken word, and songs by youth at www.ibuydifferent.org/baltimore/listen.asp


Kids Helping the Environment

Check out this compilation of kid-friendly websites.


Modern Furniture

A great guide to green furniture building.


Native Energy

Help Build a New Wind Farm! With NativeEnergy’s Windbuilders program, individuals and businesses can offset their contribution to global warming while helping drive the construction of a new wind farms and creating new environmental benefits. Native Energy will contribute $20 to YES for every 12 tons of CO2 that individual “WindBuilders” members keep out of the air.



People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


Population Communications International (PCI)

Producers of carefully researched and culturally senstive soap operas that encourage people to make choices that lead to better health and sustainable development. “The Cost of Cool” is a new video produced by PCI designed to show American teenagers how their buying habits affect the environment. Looking at everyday items, from T-shirts to sneakers, “The Cost of Cool” tracks the impact of their manufacture on the world’s resources. The consumer cost of these items is compared to their actual environmental costs, offering a revealing examination of the problem of over-consumption.


Safe Lawns

Safe Lawns is a national public awareness initiative created for the purpose of protecting our natural resources and the health of humans and animals through the promotion of organic lawn care.


Spirit in Action

Has a School Lunch Action Guide which helps youth learn how to make a difference! Learn how you can change the lunch program and the approach to nutritional and environmental education in your local schools. The Healthy School Lunch Action Guide shows you how to improve the health and the awareness of our children as well as protect the environment.



VegTv.com-A VIEW TO A HEALTHIER YOU. Multi-media site with information regarding plant-based food, health, and nutrition–links, recipes, and more.



Zap Root

ZapRoot is an unconventional bite-sized internet video news show that covers the fast changing world of the modern Green Revolution. With sarcasm, silliness, & sanity, ZapRoot encourages you to have a better time while making a better world.