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Evolving + Emerging Economies Jam 2013 – Application

Important Note: Due to the small and personal nature of the event, this questionnaire is longer and more in-depth than most, because we want to get to know you better. Please share as much as you feel comfortable sharing. There is no min/max length for responses and no pressure. We only ask you to share what you feel is 'enough'. We will follow up with more questions or a phone call if we need more information.

Also, please note that all of your answers, including your name and basic info, will be kept in full confidentiality.* Only the leadership team will have access to your application. The more the team learns about you, the more informed their decision about selection can be.

* Please note that if you are accepted, your name and bio will be shared with the other participants of your Jam just prior to the event. Following the Jam, we will put this information up on our website so that you can participate in the alumni community, unless you request otherwise. More info on this is below.

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Who You Are

The people in the room are the focus of the Jam, and sharing our stories, experiences, ideas, etc., through different formats, is how we engage and learn together. The following series of questions is meant to be a taste of this principle. Don't worry about spelling or grammar or eloquent articulation. We just want to get a sense of who you feel you are.

How do you identify? (gender identity, ethnic background, sexual orientation, class, anything else that makes you who you are.) We ask because we value diversity, the opportunity to create safe space, and want to know how to best meet participant needs:

What's your focus in the world currently? What things are you actively working on? Please be as specific as possible about whatever you do, why you do it, and the values behind it:

What are your questions right now? What's alive for you? What are your current places of challenge, growth, and excitement?:

Why do you want to attend the Jam (as opposed to a conference, workshop, meditation retreat, etc.)? What do you feel you will be able to give/contribute to the Jam? What do you hope to receive from it? :

Please share with us any concerns, doubts, fears or reservations you would have about attending the Jam:

Please give us a mini-bio (a paragraph version of your story) written in the third person (for example, using "she" instead of "I"). Talk yourself up! Include conributions you've made, any awards or accomplishments, organizations you've been involved with, etc. This is the bio that will be shared with other participants of this Jam, and will be used for the YES! Website. (You can always modify it later.) :

Anything else you'd like to tell us?:

Costs of Attending

Tuition for the Jam is $850, of which $475 covers food and lodging for the time, $375 covers YES! program expenses (organizing support, childcare, facilitation honorarium, materials, etc.). A number of partial scholarships are available upon request, on an as-needed basis, as are work trades. In fact, we work with each participant to set up the specific combo of scholarship, work trade and monetary payment that works for them. YES! also offers a monthly payment plan to help each person figure out a payment schedule that is best for them.

Additional donations above the event price are welcome and help us to provide scholarships to enable the diversity upon which this event thrives (they are also tax-deductible).

We ask that applicants consider a minimum of $475 (of the total of $850) for their tuition. We never want money to be a barrier in participating in a Jam, so we will do everything we can to make it work for you to attend.

Are you or your organization/company in a position to pay $850 for tuition? If not, how much are you able to contribute (and what amount of scholarship would you require)?:

We invite work trades as well. Are there other non-monetary ways that you might be in reciprocity with the Jam (any particular skills, other in-kind contributions, etc.)?:

Travel expenses are the responsibility of the participant (the closest airports are San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland, CA), though we do help to arrange carpools from the airport.

If you are accepted, we will be following up with you to ask you about diet, housing, travel plans, etc. We want to be sure to meet your needs at the Jam.

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out this long application! We'll be in touch as soon as we can.