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2011-2012 YES! Programs

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Global Collaborative World Jam and Annual Meeting: Oct 23-31, 2011, Chiang Mai, Thailand – A first-ever World Jam to bring together Global Collaborative members with their local/regional partners, in a whole community dedicated to carrying forward work at the intersection of internal, interpersonal and systemic change.  Core partner: the Global Collaborative.


Check out this short film with images from the 2011 World Jam!



Thai Mini-Jam, Chiang Mai, Thailand, October 29-31, 2011: Held parallel to the World Jam, this first-ever event brought together mostly college activists from Chiang Mai and Bangkok, as well as members of the Karen indigenous tribe, for a focus on personal growth and community solidarity. Collaborative partner: Kwanmuang Institute.


Nuestra Escuela Mentorship and Support Systems Workshop, Puerto Rico, November 13-15, 2011: Nuestra Escuela has put in practice an advisory program called Círculos (Circles), to support the members of its community to achieve their biggest goals in life, or quest (su estrella). In the central mountains of Orocovis, Puerto Rico, in Casa Collores, YES! helped to co-facilitate a workshop for the community to reflect on its mentorship practices and support systems.  Through new activities, games and processes, people enriched their skills and knowledge. The result was inspiration, love for one another and a renewed sense of purpose for the work.


Colorado Mini-Jam I: December 2, 2011, Boulder, CO – A gathering of Boulder-Denver’s boldest and brightest students, artists, teachers, parents, activists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Core partners: PeaceJam Foundation and the Patchwork School.


Oakland Peace Center Community Exchange and Launch, Oakland, CA, January 14-16, 2012: In collaboration with numerous Bay Area-based organizations dedicated to peace, justice and a thriving world for all, YES! will support the launch of the Oakland Peace Center by co-organizing and sharing our work through a practitioners’ exchange, a community fair, and a film festival.


The Gandhian Legacy Continues, Oakland, CA: February 2, 2012: In collaboration with IDEX and the Oakland Peace Center, an engaging conversation with Dr. Prakash Tyagi from GRAVIS, an organization based in India inspired by Gandhi’s vision and values. What can we learn from their experiences that is applicable to our struggles for peace and justice here?


Playing to Change the World, Oakland, CA: February 18, 2012: In collaboration with Interplay, YES! hosted Edgard Gouveia, Jr., from Warriors without Weapons and Oasis Games, Brazil. He shared his powerful work with cooperate games and how they unlock the best qualities in human beings. Edgard’s current project is the development of PlayTheCall. Using the strength of youth, the power of the internet, the creativity of play and the vision of abundance, he is co-creating an internet game that will be played in the real world. PlayTheCall will mobilize two billion people to network together in projects of social activism around the globe. The Beta test of the game will be launched in March with 70,000 Boy Scouts of Brazil, followed by 20,000 schools in Brazil, and a highly visible project in the Rio +20 project in June. The international game will be launched in December 2012.


AWIHU I: Local Intergenerational Women’s Jam, February 2012, Yawanawa land, Brazilian Amazon – 25 spiritual Indigenous women leaders participating in a dialogue, ceremony and celebration for three days.  Core partner: Laura and Tashka Yawanawa.


Colorado Mini-Jam II: March 10, 2012, Denver, CO – A gathering to collect the wisdom, strengths, and power, in order to live a better present and envision a better future. Core partners: PeaceJam Foundation and the Patchwork School.


Design Challenge – Realm Charter School: March 28, 2012, Berkeley, CA – To support innovation, learning, and building healthy community, we designed a workshop with advisors/teachers around how to create an environment where differences and diversity is valued and appreciated? Core partners: Realm Charter School and Thrive Integral Trainings.


YES! Jam Alumni series: Community Healing around Grief and Loss: April 5, 2012: YES! is thrilled to launch a new series to honor the work of our alumni and create space for linking them to the broader community and conversations of universal imporance. Join YES! Jam alum Renee’ Wilson for a screening of her film, “Crepe Covered Sidewalks”, and a vital conversation around how we create transformative spaces around profound grief and loss. In partnership with the Oakland Peace Center.


Woolman Spring Tour: April 10, 2012, Oakland, CA: An introduction to YES! and Interplay for the Woolman Semester students, who are focused on sustainability, personal transformation, and global issues.


Miratsuku: Social Entrepreneurs’ Dialogue: Aprll 29, 2012, Tokyo, Japan: Presentation and participation at this monthly gathering of Japanese social innovators, with special emphasis on community building and healthy support systems for our work in the world.


Summer Encounter – Philippines, June 2012, Sallapadan Abra Province, Philippines – A 10-day leadership exchange will be held for young leaders in a village in the Northern Philippines. The program will include building community solidarity between the jammers and the host village, co-learning and exchanges among the young leaders, and coming up with plans for future partnerships. Core partner: Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network


Toronto ‘amuse-bouche’ Jam, June 4, 2012, Toronto, Canada: A gathering of social changemakers from around the city, to look at how personal, interpersonal and systemic change are living and breathing in their lives and work today.


Virtual Jam: Focus on Sustainability, June 11, 2012: An opportunity for the global Jam community to reconnect virtually and participate in a daylong event focused on sustainability practices, struggles, and visions. In collaboration with Generation Waking Up, the Ecology of Leadership, the Shift Network and Sustainable World Coalition.


North America Jam, June 24 – July 1, 2012, Quaker Center, Ben Lomond, CA – A dedicated effort towards building community, healing, and connecting the dots — essential to respond to the upheaval and opportunities of our times and to co-create the world we want, a world that includes everyone.


Wealth, Power and Education, July 11, 2012, Goddard College, Vermont – A daylong interactive dialogue with former and current Goddard students around the intersection among wealth, power and education.


Anatolia Youth Leadership Jam, July 22-29, 2012, Bayramci, Turkey – The 2nd Jam to unite social changemakers in Turkey focused on ecological renewal, community connection, social entrepreneurship, health/healing, and community media. Core partners: Aysegul Guzel/Zumbara Time-Banking and Hanzade Germiyanoglu/Sabancivakfi Foundation.


City and Community: Solutions for a Brave New World, August 1, 2012, Berkeley, CA – YES! will share our work and facilitate a day of dialogue at this class at UC-Berkeley Summer School:  “What does “community” mean in the 21st century? Though we increasingly spend time in the virtual, online world, we can’t escape problems in the physical world. People around the globe are confronting limitations to freedom, health, and safety. How do we solve these problems and make better lives for ourselves and others in a time of austerity and shrinking resources? In this class, we will study real examples of how people across the United States and elsewhere are discovering and leveraging creativity and community as powerful tools.”


Fruits and Seeds, August 2 and September 30, 2012, Berkeley, CA – Initial meetings to bring together diverse folks from across the education sector in the East Bay for an opening and provocative dialgoue around the purpose and struggles of the education system today. Laying the foundation for an Education Jam in 2013.


India Youth Leadership Jam, September 3-9, 2012, Maharashtra, India – The 3rd Jam to unite social changemakers from around the subcontinent. Core partners: Naveen Vasudevan, Vartika Poddar, Roy Jacob, Sukhmani Kohli.


Check out this short film with images from India Youth Jam 2012!


Dr. Bernard Lafayette and the Positive Peace Warriors Network, September 20, 2012, Oakland, CA – YES! co-sponsored this inspiring presentation by renowned civil rights leader and nonviolence advocate, Dr. Bernard Lafayette.