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We invite you to connect with us through our core body of work: Jams. Check out our upcoming Jams!


When musicians come together to ‘jam’, they bring their own unique instruments, skills and styles and, together, they create a collective sound that has never been heard before.


YES! collaborates with other like-hearted peers around the world to co-create Jams of creativity, passion and commitment, where diverse visionaries and social changemakers combine their inspirations and skills to create something greater than the sum of their parts.


The synthesis that takes place at Jams gives participants perspectives, insights and support that can change the nature and quality of the work they do. Jams make a place for deepening the root system that underlies who we are and what we do, and for linking up with others to create a movement that will grow stronger with the passing of time. By “Jamming” together, we have the opportunity to learn, grow and deepen the sustainability and effectiveness of our lives and work.


A Jam unites a group of 30 diverse leaders who are working for thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all. Participants come together for networking, community building, and to gain support as people and as social change-makers. Jams are usually for a week, but there are also mini-Jams (three or four days) as well as daylong and even three hour variations. They are co-created collaboratively and are peer-facilitated.


A Jam is not about “creating the newest and best coalition.” It’s about nurturing community. It’s about helping you do what you already do even better. It’s about connecting the dots of the activist movement. Because maybe we don’t just need better ideas, maybe we need to understand how they’re all connected. Maybe in order to make real the world we dream of, we need to create and nurture deeper relationships.


Jams participants are: often leaders in organizations or movements working for a thriving, just and sustainable future; are willing to ask big questions; share their truth; listen with an open heart; be open to paradox; and seeking to love, dream, and live in integrity. It’s for people who are disturbed by the course of things in our world today, and who are committed to using their lives and resources to work for the building of an equitable and compassionate world. That’s you.