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We are open to designing and facilitating numerous co-learning, community building, conflict transforming workshops and engagements, based on our 25+ years of experiences with social change-makers.  We can customize an offering to meet your specific needs, time, audience, and objectives.

Past offerings have included:

Lessons Learned From A Global Community Of Young Leaders 
There are powerful, creative and vibrant movements afoot in every community and nation in the world.  This intergenerational workshop will explore stories that give us hope and insights that inform our lives.

Leveraging Privilege for Social Change
What would life be like if we could unleash all that we have, and all that we are, on behalf of all that we love?  In this workshop we will explore the many kinds of privilege that exist in our lives, our views of the world and how we would like to affect positive change, and how we can leverage our lives and resources for maximal positive impact.  We will look at values, dreams, and defining moments in our life journeys with a supportive community of peers.

Our Stories, Our Values
This workshop will create an opportunity for participants to explore and share some of the defining moments of our lives, and what has made us who we are today.  We will also look at how our life histories have shaped how we see the world, what we love and are committed to, and the gifts that are ours to give.

Money, Values, History and Legacy
Many of us are unconsciously ruled by messages about life and money that we have inherited from our families and from our society.  This interactive workshop will explore and help us more deeply understand “what makes us tick”, and help us to create greater congruency between what we believe in and how we live.

Transformational Philanthropy: The Next Generation
Are you stepping into wealth and looking at how to leverage your giving for maximal impact?  Are you interested in doing things differently, creatively, with an entrepreneurial spirit?  Would you like to explore how money can move in ways that build real and lasting partnerships, and to engage in grantmaking in a way that empowers communities and social entrepreneurs to be even more effective, not bound by wads of paperwork and embroiled in unexamined but negative power dynamics?  This workshop will look at creative strategies and new ways of giving that are being pioneered, in many cases, by young people.  We will explore how philanthropy can be fresh, new, and responsive to the unique gifts we bring and the particular opportunities of our live and times.

Divided We Fall: Tools for Building Bridges Across Divides
Many of us work with diverse communities, organizations and schools, yet haven’t spent much time examining or healing interpersonal dynamics that are often the cause of misunderstandings and strife. This workshop offers tools and practices that can strengthen your learning community – even if that is your own family – and improve its capacity to accomplish its missions/goals. We’ll learn how to set intentions, make agreements, ensure each person’s voice is heard, and work through differences with dignity and clarity.

Mentorship and Healthy Support Systems
Leadership in communities often grows through the process of mentorship — sharing the best of our wisdom and experiences to offer guidance and support and build trust and deeper learning. How to develop one’s mentorship capacities and create support systems and circles for strong and grounded leadership to grow and bloom is the focus of this workshop.

It’s All in the Game: Cooperation in Our Play
Games! A fabulous way to bring people together and build understanding and community. Our games reflect the world we want to see: If we compete against each other, we find a handful of winners and a multitude of losers, frustration, egoism and disappointment. If we cooperate, we all get to make a contribution, co-create something whole that’s bigger than its parts, and support feelings of friendship, love and acceptance. Let’s play some cooperative games, and learn how to transform competitive games into cooperative ones.

Reflections from YES! Workshops

Connections. Vision.  Humanity.  Acceptance.  Love.  Friendship.  Hugs!  Insight.  Learning.  Growth. and so much I can’t put into words.  Thank you!”              

 – Drew, age 27, natureopath, Portland

It’s always reassuring and empowering to rediscover that people from varying circumstances have similar goals.  Support in the form of listening and respect is powerful, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to listen and be heard.”

– Lizzy Stahl, age 19, University of Puget Sound student, Seattle

“brilliant. amazing. wonderful.”

– Victor Diaz, principal, Realm Charter School, Berkeley

I was able to see how YES! is designing a much needed space for removing barriers to connections that would change the old destruction order. And, I could see and understand the English language world view in a different and meaningful way that is not oppressive and limiting but liberating for finding co-creative solutions.”

– Patricia Davis, age 68, Diné elder, Seattle

“The last three days for me were really great. I arrived here under a lot of pressure, and I was able to release all that stress and learn a lot about myself and for my future in that process. I’m very grateful or the opportunity.”

– José Aponte Méndez, graduate from Nuestra Escuela

“I came with a lot of desire to learn. I thought it would be like other conferences, but it turned out to be different. I liked the strategies for learning and communication; the balance between silence and noise, calm and games; and the companionship.”

– Frances González, mother of Nuestra Escuela student

“These days were excellent for me; they turned out to be the therapy I needed. I take with me tools to put in practice in my life and in school. I connected with myself and found my muse.”

– Sandra Adorno, teacher at Nuestra Escuela