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Speaking Engagements

YES! founder, Ocean Robbins, is available for public speaking engagements.  Ocean is co-author of Choices for Our Future, has been a keynote speaker for dozens of conferences and hundreds of school assemblies, and has facilitated 40 week-long events and more than 50 workshops and retreats.  He has served as a board member for Friends of the Earth, The Turning Tide Coalition, The Omni Center, Creating Our Future, and EarthSave International. He was honored in E Magazine’s Kid Hero’s Hall of Fame, was selected by Utne Reader as one of 30 Young Visionaries, and has been recognized by both Time and Audubon magazines as among the heroes of the new millennium. He is father to River and Bodhi Robbins, identical twin boys born in 2001.

Through stories, statistics, experiential exercises, and speaking from the heart, Ocean Robbins entertains, informs, inspires and empowers.  His presentations address such topics as:

  • The state of our planet, and what we can do to make a difference (including our consumption choices, food choices, lifestyle choices and social interactions).
  • Racism, social justice, and building a world that works for all of us.
  • Cynicism, hope, and the possible future.
  • Inspiring stories of young people who are changing the world for the better.
  • The work of YES!, and some of the key ingredients in the organization’s 16 years of success.
  • Adventures in building bridges across cultures and movements.
  • Leveraging privilege for social change:  How we can unleash all that we have, and all that we are, on behalf of all that we love.
  • How to bring sustainability and personal fulfillment into service.

To contact Ocean Robbins about bringing him to speak for a conference, college or event, click here.

Ocean Robbins presentation at our environmental and social justice youth conference was the highlight of the weekend for many of our participants. His positive message and soulful, inspiring words reached deep into the hearts of the youth attendees. Numerous people told me that his talk was the most inspiring and moving thing they had ever heard. As conference organizer I couldn't have been more pleased!

— Daniel Carr, Conference Coordinator, Deep Green Global Training

Students talked about Ocean's presentation for months after his speech. He has a magical way of connecting with young people and his story deeply connects the social and environmental movement. Out of the 40 workshops and keynote speakers, Ocean made the greatest impact on the teenagers. Without hesitation, I recommend his service as a speaker or workshop leader. We found his participation to be an essential part of the conference’s success; we look forward to having him return as a speaker.

— Taylor Selby, Executive Director, Earth Care International, Santa Fe, NM

"Ocean Robbins, you have become a watershed of a new, worldwide vision. We want to thank you for sharing your singular and prophetic insights, your laughter, values, dreams, heart, mind and prayers. You have called us to foster a deep longing and courage, evoking and calling forth the wisdom of youth in all of us, in a deep, deeply human way. And you said earlier so truly, “we grow old by abandoning our ideals”. You have called us awake to the idea, to remind us that human beings are here for conscious thriving and are each called to some unique greatness. We thank you."

— Anne Mulvaney, Ed.D., Holistic Education Dept., OISE, University of Toronto, in gratitude for keynote address, October 28, 2007

Ocean was our conference’s final plenary speaker and his message brought spirit into action in a way that was electrifying and inspiring to the room.  Many of our participants listed his talk as a conference highlight on their evaluations.

— Laura Cornell, Founder and Director, Green Yoga Association

I cannot thank you enough for coming to the Principia College campus.  What you had to say ignited inspiration in some people and fueled the fire in others.  People that had given up hope in activism because the task was too large have now returned to stand up for what they believe in.  More specifically, I was feeling "burned out" with the whole environmental issue and feeling like nobody was listening except for myself.  Now, I have newfound encouragement to continue with the fight for environmental respect and animal rights.  Thank you so much again for sharing your thoughts and words of hope and enlightenment.

— Lauren Chapman, Sophomore, Principia College, Elsah, IL