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Global Collaborative

The Global Youth Leadership Collaborative (GC) is a network of 15 Jam facilitators from Aotearoa/New Zealand, Bolivia, Brazil/Mexico, Canada, Egypt, India, Kenya, Lebanon/Sweden, Palestine, Peru, the Philippines, Mali/Senegal, Thailand and the United States. You can see detailed bios of the members on-line.

YES! is a core member of the GC, which emerged from connections made through World Jams over the last decade.  GC members have been convening since 2006 to extend the movement for interconnected change (personal, interpersonal, systemic).  They challenge and support one another on their learning journeys, collaborate on unique documentation projects, support Jam alumni, co-organize Jams, and assist in the evolution of Jams.

Visit the GC website to learn more about our history and work.

GC Offerings

The GC has five main threads of work together:

Jam Council: Members of the GC are the main hosts, organizers and facilitators of Jams globally, often working with local and regional teams. They assist in allocating resources designated for local, regional and international Jams. They support alumni and each other in organizing Jams around the world.

The World Jam: an annual week-long gathering of young people committed to internal, interpersonal and systemic change. This is hosted and facilitated by Global Collaborative members, whose annual meeting typically follows it.

'Consulting' Collaborative: The GC is eager to share its skills and collective wisdom with youth groups, sector-based networks, movements, organizations, corporations and government bodies. Facilitation, organizing, public speaking, strategic planning, healing group dynamics, etc., are all strong areas for us, as well as high levels of competency in sectors like education, social entrepreneuship, indigenous sovereignty, cultural creativity, spiritual healing, cross-cultural dialogue, food justice, ecology, and more.

Learning Community: The GC deepens its own learning and understanding in a wide variety of sectors/issues, from indigenous sovereignty and cultural affirmation to education, health, and social entrepreneurship.  Together, it also explores cross-cutting issues, like leadership transitions, healthy communication, coping with loss, and more.  The GC carries forth these conversations and learnings into their own communities, to Jam alumni, and beyond into other movements and networks.

Shared Projects: Often growing out of its collective learning and inquiry are media and documentation projects that the GC produces. To date, several films, two children's books, a facilitation manual, a graphic recording project, and several story collections, have been created. Visit the GC website to download these projects today.