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Despite great missions and programs, many organizations are suffering from breakdown due to internal conflicts, burnout and lack of alignment. Lots of money and energy are spent in building up an image to the outside world, while inside, things are falling apart for individuals and their relationships.

If you want to bring more authentic communication, stronger community, healthier relationships, clearer commitments, and collective learning into your workplace or setting, please get in touch with us.

We have found that Jam processes and tools have multiple applications and, with some specific attention and intention, can produce tremendous results in transforming nonprofit organizations and schools, conferences and trainings, corporations and government bodies.

YES! supports movements and organizations through workshop facilitation, public speaking, coaching and mentorship, fiscal sponsorship, distribution of donor-directed grant funds, our web site, and the production and distribution of educational books, manuals, videos and other resources.

We are open to and excited about all kinds of collaborations and invite you to contact Shilpa Jain, if you see a place where we might work together.