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25 Jams! – Songs/Poems to Transform Our Lives and Our World

These contributions are from Jammers over the years and around the world.

We are gathering their songs and spoken word pieces to inspire our communities, to give a feel for what Jams are about, and to offer energy and momentum to changemakers as we do our vital work in the world.  



Bound Up – Kyle Lemle


Mary Oliver – Morgan Bolender


Be Lucid – Gino Pastori-Ng


Blocks Fall Down – Julian Caspari


My Love – Renée Wilson


Confessional – John Pointer


You See Me – Laura Loescher


In Our Own Heartland – Steven Budden


Hallelujah – Jo Linden


The Path You Walk – Austin Willacy


Every Mistake – Jonah Matranga


Esen Ruzgara – 2012 Anatolia Youth Leadership Jammers (in Turkish)


Light Workers of Amman – Madiha Bataineh


Dedication to 2002 World Youth Leadership Jammers – Tad Hargrave



More coming soon!  Stay tuned…