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25 Jams! – Songs/Poems to Transform Our Lives and Our World

We are gathering Jammers’ songs and spoken word pieces to inspire our communities, to give a feel for what Jams are about, and to offer energy and momentum to changemakers as we do our vital work in the world. Enjoy!

Bound Up – Kyle Lemle


Mary Oliver – Morgan Bolender


Growing My Soul – Paul Chander



Be Lucid – Gino Pastori-Ng


Blocks Fall Down – Julian Caspari


My Love – Renée Wilson


Confessional – John Pointer


You See Me – Laura Loescher


In Our Own Heartland – Steven Budden


Hallelujah – Jo Linden


The Path You Walk – Austin Willacy


Every Mistake – Jonah Matranga


Esen Ruzgara – 2012 Anatolia Youth Leadership Jammers (in Turkish)


Light Workers of Amman – Madiha Bataineh


Dedication to 2002 World Youth Leadership Jammers – Tad Hargrave



More coming soon!  Stay tuned…