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2012-2013 YES! Programs

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Healing Our Movement Ecosystem (HOME) planning retreat, October 1-3, 2012, Berkeley, CA — In preparation for the first-ever Jam to bring together diverse leaders from around the environmental movement, eight core team members gathered and explored their connections, questions, visions, challenges, and hopes for more respect, alignment and mutual support within the movement as a whole.  Core partner: Spirit in Action.


Middle East Youth Leadership Jam, October 14-21, 2012, Wadi Rum, Jordan – The 5th Annual Event gathered a diverse group of 24 young leaders from nine countries around the region, who are committed to hope, possibility, justice and peace for all peoples. The Jam was a great opportunity for participants to recharge and realign themselves, after what has been a fatiguing year of challenges and struggles in the region.  Core partner: Youth Spirit Center.


Standing In Our Power, October 25-28, 2012, Ohio, USA – Spearheaded by our friends and partners at Spirit in Action, this gathering brought together an intergenerational group of women of color, who are non-profit, philanthropic, and social entrepreneurial leaders.  The focus on authentic connection, deep healing, co-learning, and visioning, demonstrated the potential for congruous and relevant leadership models for our times.  Core partners: Spirit in Action and In Bold Rebirth.


Social Venture Network, November 14-17, 2012, New York City, USA – YES! will co-facilitate the Young Mavericks’ Meet-up and the Intergenerational Women’s Circle at the 25th Anniversary Conference of this vital network for social entrepreneurs.


Moroccan Women’s Circle, January 3-6, 2013, Morocco – An opportunity for the next generation of women activists to connect, grow, and discover their power and potential. Core partners: Soumaya Maghnouj and Alia Lahlou.


Her Rising Jam, January 18, 2013, Oakland, CA – Join artists, activists, healers, filmmakers, and other changemakers in this half-day Jam, to support Her Rising, a Bay Area initiative in support of Eve Ensler’s call for One Billion Rising to end violence and oppression against women.  Core partners: Magalie Bonneau-Marcil and Renee’ Wilson.


Habib University and Center for Youth Activism and Development, February 5-12, 2013, Pakistan – YES! faciltiated a workshop to bring together the rural and urban teachers, administrators, organizers, and advocates at this innovative university focused on community learning. The workshop deepened collaboration, communication, efficacy and vision for the team members.


India Youth Leadership Jam, February 24-March 3, 2013, India – The 2nd annual Jam of its kind to unite social changemakers from around the subcontinent for self-awareness, community-building and systemic visioning. Core partners: Naveen Vasudevan, Vartika Poddar, Roy Jacob, Sukhmani Kohli, Saud Hakim, Amit Kumar Sharma.


Southern Jam, March 13-17, 2013, Highlander Center, USA – 25 changemakers from 10 states in the US South came together to co-create a safe space for truth telling, healing, compassion, and understanding around the issues of immigration, erosion of voter rights, and unjust policies facing the US South today. Core partners: Jessica Norwood, Emerging ChangeMakers Network; Malika Sanders-Fortier, Grassroots Democracy; Elandria Williams, Highlander Center; Erin Dale, Southern Partners Fund, Ethan Hamblin, Stay Together Appalachia Youth and Berea College.


Pungwe, March 30-31, 2013, Santa Cruz, CA, USA – The Pungwe is a two-day gathering inspired by the revolutionary gatherings of the Zimbabwean liberation movement, that used ceremony, theater, dialogue, art and dance to mobilize people. In its third year, the Bay Area Pungwe brought together about 55 local people working in a range of fields — ecology, education, multiculturalism, midwifery, and health care — who are succeeding in changing the paradigms we live in. YES! collaborated with Pungwe organizers, who combine changing the world with changing ourselves, weaving in body-mind connections through meditation, Theater of the Oppressed, dance, Butoh and Yoga. 


Emerging + Evolving Economies Jam, April 3-7, 2013, California, USA – 16 diverse visionaries and entrepreneurs committed to a just and regenerative world gathered to look at the intersection among transforming themselves, their relationships and the economic system via impact investing, social entrepreneurship, community currency, worker-owned business, new metrics, collaborative consumption, gift cultures, and more.  Core partners: Maya Hackett, Julia Kious Zabell, Aumatma Shah, Holly Roberson, Mitchell Magdovitz.


Changemaker Chai Morning, April 26, 2013, Berkeley, CA –  With the HUB Berkeley, we hosted an informal circle for changemakers to check-in, have a cup of chai, and get support for where they are today in their journey and what’s alive for them. Co-hosted by the HUB – Berkeley. 


Cape Breton Gaels Jam, May 2-6, 2013, Nova Scotia, Canada – This launch event brought together 18 amazing changemakers (ages 22-40) from around Cape Breton and Nova Scotia to create a welcoming, supportive and INSPIRING community. Participants built bridges across divides and evoked a dyanmic vision of the future of Gaelic language and culture.  The Jam planted seeds for ongoing learning, collaboration and exploration. Core partners: Amber Buchanan and Tad Hargrave.


New Dawn Daylong Workshop, May 7, 2013, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Cananda – A daylong workshop organized by New Dawn (a community development organization) to support visionaries and leaders in Sydney with ongoing community engagement strategies and practices.


Toronto Jam, May 9-12, 2013, Toronto, Canada – Inspired by the ‘amuse-bouche’ Toronto Jam last year, 19 incredible changemakers from the greater Toronto area came together to connect, vision, build bridges, and learn together, in order to strengthen the dynamic movements happening in the area. Core partners: Lisa Thacker, Brigid Tierney, Rehana Tejpar,  Nisha Ahuja, Julian Caspari, Courtney Irwin.


The Good 100 Experiment, June 1-2, 2013, Edmonton, Canada – The Good Hundred Experiment was an invite-only, two-day, unsectored gathering of some of Edmonton’s savviest do-gooders working in the fields of local food, arts, activism, local business, social enterprise, government, advocacy, indigenous rights, social justice, charity, funding, design and alternative media. YES! supported Jam founder and alum and GC member, Tad Hargrave, as he works to strengthen the community and bonds within Edmonton’s progressive do-gooding community. Tad and his team spent the weekend supporting these 100 folks to be even more effective and connected in the work they’re doing.


Arts for Social Change / ARTivist Jam, June 5-9, 2013, California, USA – Musicians, visual artists, dramatists, dancers, graphic recorders, spoken word poets, and more, joined together in cross-pollinating and linking up the vital ARTivist movement!  This Jam focused on mutual support, interconnection, collaboration, visioning, and lifting up the essential contributions of artists in social transformation. Core partners: Renee’ Wilson, David Bronstein, Austin Willacy, Aryeh Shell, Eva Vander Glesson, Melanie Chopko.


North America JamJuly 7-14, 2013, Quaker Center, Ben Lomond, CA – A dedicated effort towards building community, healing, and connecting the dots — essential to respond to the upheaval and opportunities of our times and to co-create the world we want, a world that includes everyone. Included 25 participants from Canada, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Guatemala, and ten states of the United States. Core partners: Julian Caspari, Katie Greenman, Austin Willacy, Hanan Al-Bilali.


Education Jam and International Democratic Education Conference, August 1-8, 2013, Boulder, CO, USA – The Education Jam embedded itself within the 21st annual International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) in a powerful way. 15 dynamic changemakers in the field of education came together and (re)wove an oft-divided education transformation fabric.  After spending the first few days as an intimate community ‘jamming’, we then continued on to engage with the conference and one another — affording many opportunities to share our work and build our vision. Core partner: IDEC.


Anatolia Youth Leadership Jam, August 29 to September 5, 2013, Bayramci, Turkey – The 3rd Jam to unite social changemakers in Turkey focused on ecological renewal, community connection, social entrepreneurship, health/healing, and community media. Core partners: Aysegul Guzel/Zumbara Time-Banking and Hanzade Germiyanoglu/CEDI.