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We co-organize transformative learning spaces called Jams amongst diverse change makers.


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Developed over 24 years of experience with YES! camps and Jams, “Connecting, Inspiring & Collaborating with Changemakers” is full of over 200 practices, tools, games and resources to support changemakers at all levels to bring forth thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all. It also has an extensive organizing compendium. View the entire book in Google Drive for free! We would love to receive your feedback on the activities you use. Or if you prefer, write to info.yesworld@gmail.com for a PDF (available for a suggested donation of $17 – check out a sneak peek here) or a hard copy (available for a suggested donation of $25). 
Those who come…come hoping to find their next growing edge…they are often pushing the envelopes around power and privilege and their relationships to these issues….they are trying to connect the dots of various movements and issues, hoping to attain greater clarity and engagement in their work, while living more full and balanced lives…to put it simply, a Jam embodies two core principles: uncompromised truth and unconditional love. A Jam is, above all, a place to be real, to take off masks, to speak one’s truth, and to be fully oneself. Simultaneously, a Jam is a highly appreciative space, where compliments and love are given freely and received with dignity and gratitude, and where the intention is towards healing, learning and growing honest, healthy relationships. Shilpa Jain & Tad Hargrave

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The latest film from YES!, a nonprofit organization that connects, inspires and collaborates with changemakers to join forces for thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all. We work at the meeting point of internal, interpersonal, and systemic transformation.

Upcoming Jams | Click HERE to Apply or Get Info!

Anatolia Youth Leadership Jam

August 23-30, 2017, Mardin, Turkey – This 7th annual Jam will unite 30 social changemakers from around Turkey to focus on self-awareness and healing, ecological renewal, community connection, social entrepreneurship, health and well-being, community media and building a transformative vision and future for Turkey. For the first time, it will be held in southeast Turkey, to more directly make opportunities to include members of the Kurdish community and Syrian refugee community.  Core partners: Hanzade Germiyanoglu, Esra Debeli, Asil Dugan, Burak Dindaroglu, Argin Kubin, Ayse Gokce Bor. 

North America Leadership Jam

September 10-17, 2017, Quaker Center, Ben Lomond, CA – YES!’s longest-running program, which has helped to birth so many Jams around the country and has been happening for the last 12 years. Diverse multigenerational leaders from around North America commited to co-creating a shared vision, finding common points of collaboration, healing historic divides, and exploring the self.

Egypt Youth Leadership Jam

November 11-17, 2017, Fayoum, Egypt – This fourth annual Jam will engage diverse change-makers, ages 20-40, from varying religious, ethnic, economic, geographic, national and professional backgrounds from around Egypt.  It will be organized and facilitated by a team of alumni of past Egypt Jams.

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YES! connects, inspires and collaborates with change-makers to build thriving, just and balanced ways of life for all. We primarily work with people ages 18-35, but are increasingly also working intergenerationally as well. We believe that life is precious and magnificent, and that we were put on this Earth for more than mere survival. We all have the birthright to love, to prosper, to grow, and to learn ever more what it means to be who we are. Join us! 

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